When It Comes to Phishing, Cybercriminals Target People, Not the System

We all get them—emails asking you to reset your Office 365 password, warning you that your Facebook account might be compromised or asking you to review the new HR policy. These are only three examples of common cyberattacks that people experience.

It’s important to realize that cybercriminals primarily target people, not the system. Don’t fall victim to a cybercriminal. Learn what you should look out for!

Consider Every Email as a Potential Threat

Always consider every email as a potential threat: Confirm the email address is someone you know and inspect all links carefully to ensure they are legitimate. Even better than clicking on the link, open your web browser and go to the specific website yourself without clicking on the given link. Be mindful of any emails that might seem too good to be true—they usually are!

Already subscribed to IT Radix’s security awareness training and ongoing phishing test program? We can make it even easier to review a suspicious email!

Ask us to add a Phish Alert Button in Outlook that will preview a suspicious email—if it fails the “phish test,” it will alert your team to contact us for a deeper review of the email message before proceeding.

Not subscribed? Don’t get reeled in by phishing; call us today for more information on how to protect yourself and your team.

First published in our December 2022 IT Radix Resource newsletter