An interview with Ashleigh Boissonault:

IT Radix: What draws you to Comic-Con conventions?
Ashleigh: I was drawn to New York Comic-Con because I’ve always been a fan of comic books. The conventions are always fun, and they give me an opportunity to cosplay a character I love. I have gone to a few conventions, dressed as several characters, but my favorite character that I have gone as is Riddick from “The Chronicles of Riddick” series.

IT Radix: How did this experience enhance your life?
Ashleigh: Meeting artists I love and expressing my appreciation for their work is a very cool experience. Also, when I dressed up as Riddick, I was going through chemotherapy and lost my hair, so playing a bald character was perfect! It helped me take something negative and turn it into something positive, making me feel even more empowered! I kicked cancer’s butt!

Ashleigh has proven that superheroes are REAL!

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First published in our September 2022 IT Radix Resource newsletter