Do You Have an IT Business Continuity Plan in Place?

Who could have predicted? How many times have you said or heard that over the last two plus years when discussing the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic? Well, few rewards are given for accurate predictions, but the smart business manager who is prepared for something he/she cannot predict actually reaps rewards.

Keeping a business going by keeping employees working safely and productively, focused on delivering on client expectations should be the goal of preparations for another unexpected event like a pandemic.

Here are some things to consider from two perspectives:

HEALTH Perspective

  • Put an informal program in place to gauge the relative health of employees and try to find a system to log those in close contact, for when it is needed.
  • Identify a secure/safe room in the building to use to quarantine or separate an ill person if they cannot be removed immediately.
  • Have protective clothing as well as a forehead thermometer on hand for use on an ongoing basis or in an emergency.
  • Have a plan for delivering meals to staff to minimize their external exposure and promote camaraderie.

BUSINESS Perspective

  • Have a plan for anything still currently done onsite to be done remotely in a single or variety of locations.
  • Use Password Management Software now so that you have better control of access to any key information or applications.
  • Try to minimize any fixed contracts you have with vendors. You want to maximize flexibility.
  • Manage cash to a level where your business can survive 90 days with zero income.
  • Plan for doing business differently because you must to survive.

September is National Preparedness Month. Does your business have a “keep working plan” in the event of a disaster? Learn how to set up an IT Business Continuity Plan here.