An interview with Anthony Janus and Ken Toumey:

IT Radix:  What inspired you to learn the guitar?

Anthony and Ken were inspired by seeing performers ranging from The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show and BB King live at the PNC Arts Center.  Ken’s burning desire to learn how to play really kicked into high gear about 5 years ago, after working on a vision board and realizing he had many images related to music on the board.  Anthony is a true music lover, having played the drums, bass and trumpet as well as playing the guitar for 15 years!

IT Radix:  How has this experience changed your life?

Our two guitarists feel that learning any instrument is a stress reliever.  Ken says, “If you play an instrument, you always have a friend.”  Anthony adds, “It keeps my mind sharp and focused.”  Anthony and Ken are co-workers by chance, friends and musicians by choice!

Anthony and Ken plan to keep strumming along!

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First published in our August 2022 IT Radix Resource newsletter