Living Out One of Our Core Values with Habitat for Humanity… A Hands-On Way to Give Back to the Community!

At IT Radix, we have a creed of core values that guide our day-to-day functions. One of the core values that we hold dear is “giving back.” It was built into the fabric of our company on day one. Our employees love to dedicate their time and talents to a variety of different community outreach programs, and one of our favorite programs that we recently volunteered at is the Morris County chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

We’re Not Afraid to Roll Up Our Sleeves and Get Our Hands Dirty

Once the opportunity to volunteer was announced, we had no shortage of willing staff members. There were two teams of volunteers, one in June and one in July. The teams assisted the Habitat for Humanity staff in various tasks working towards the completion of homes that will be lived in by Habitat families. On the first day of volunteering, Cathy, the owner, was accompanied by four other staff members. Under the direction of the Habitat for Humanity site supervisor, the team helped to measure and cut baseboard trim and assisted with spackling on a single-family home. Our second team consisted of another five staff members. They worked on a larger multi-dwelling building installing exterior foam insulation board.

“Giving of your time and effort helps puts things in perspective and reminds me of how much we need to work together to succeed at anything.”

When asked what she likes the most about the opportunity to volunteer, Cathy says that her parents had always encouraged her to volunteer and help others. “I enjoy the personal satisfaction of knowing that I’ve helped someone else who may not be as fortunate as myself. Giving of your time and effort helps puts things in perspective and reminds me of how much we need to work together to succeed at anything.”

Cathy added, “Volunteering as a group is even better because you get to spend time outside normal day-to-day work activities, learn more about each and laugh together. I’m so proud to be a part of a team that is generous with their time and skills—volunteering is just a continuation of our organizational purpose which is to help others succeed.” One of our staff members reinforced this sentiment by saying, “It was very gratifying to know that the work I was doing was going to help less fortunate families. I loved meeting a future owner of one of the units we were working on. It was cool to be able to see the face of a person who was going to receive one of these new homes for her and her family. I appreciated being with my colleagues in an environment where we were all doing something outside of our regular working comfort zone.”

Whether it be at work or out in the community, it “takes a village” to make a difference and IT Radix is happy to be residents of that village!

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