An interview with Marybeth Smith

IT Radix:  What sparked your desire to go on a road trip?

Marybeth:  When our youngest went off to college last fall, we used it as a great excuse to take a road trip to California and Oregon.

IT Radix:  What did you like most about your road trip?

Marybeth:  It was remarkably freeing to set out on an adventure and see something new every day.  Our itinerary was totally flexible and allowed us to experience different vibes along the coast.  We traveled through groomed Sonoma wine country, the redwood groves of the Anderson Valley, the wild coast of Mendocino, the winding canyons and rolling hills of Willamette Valley, the deserted Oregon Coast and finally the funky neighborhoods of Portland.

IT Radix:  What was your favorite experience?

Marybeth:  Learning about wine tasting!  I had never done an in person tasting before.  Most interesting was that glassware—size and shape—has a huge impact on how the wine tastes.  Try it!

For Marybeth, it was ultimately about the journey…  the laughs and memories made along the way.

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First published in our April 2022 IT Radix Resource newsletter