Companies Deserve Quality IT Support Even AFTER the Sale

Companies sometimes ignore the importance of providing superior IT after-sales service. We’ve all experienced the frustration of receiving royal treatment when we’re in the market for a high-ticket item, only to be treated like a commoner when we have issues with the product once it’s ours.  This can be especially frustrating for business owners when it comes to technology. A recent Deloitte study found that implementing new technologies was a challenge for more than half of the SMB owners surveyed.

A Real-Life Example

Case in point:  A client of ours had engaged with a hardware provider to configure and install a new server. This client is an owner of a family-owned manufacturer of electromagnets that’s been in operation for 75 years. And though the company is quite old, it’s very up to date from a technology perspective. The owner is knowledgeable in IT matters yet pressed for time given the demands of running the business.

His goal for the hardware upgrade was to have it done quickly and correctly, letting him focus on other things. However, he experienced issues after the server was installed and called upon the manufacturer to fix them. When after several attempts it was clear that they could not resolve the problems in a timely manner, he decided to find a local resource to troubleshoot. That’s where IT Radix came in.

This is a prime example of the importance of IT after-sales service. When we were able to quickly resolve his server issues when the manufacturer could not, the client decided to keep us on as a resource when he finds himself in similar situations, or when he just needs extra help while he tends to business.

Co-Managed IT Services Are Beneficial to All

Even business owners who are adept at technology need someone to turn to for IT support now and again. IT Radix offers flexible, friendly and highly responsive IT support whether your business needs special help with IT projects as needed, or a fully outsourced IT department.

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