An interview with IT Account Services Coordinator, Amy

IT Radix: How were you introduced to the idea of owning a pig?
Amy: When I was six years old, I saw the movie Charlotte’s Web; and from that moment on, I knew I wanted a pig.

IT Radix: What do you like most about having a pig as a pet?
Amy: Having Ollie has helped me build awareness of the plight of pigs bred to be sold as pets. Ollie was a rescue. He was only three weeks old when I adopted him. He was living on a farm where the animals were being abused/neglected and was in dire need of a home. I had always wanted a pig, and it was even more special to be able to have the opportunity to rescue one.

IT Radix: How has having a pig as a pet enhanced your life?
Amy: Ollie is lovable, funny, and very entertaining! He brings me so much joy. Who knew pigs preferred to sleep in a mattress instead of on a mattress?

Ollie has become a “pig” part of Amy’s life. Follow him and his latest shenanigans on Instagram: @olivermcwigglebottom

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First published in our March 2022 IT Radix Resource newsletter