An interview with Sr. IT Consultant, Mike Oster

IT Radix: How were you introduced to Escape Rooms?

Mike: It was my eldest child’s idea. As kids, they were always encouraged to try something they had never done before. They’d make a list and we’d pick something to experience together as a family. We love trying new things, everything is an adventure!

IT Radix: What do you like most about Escape Rooms?

Mike: They have a theme, and you discover how much your family knows about things like, zombies, video games, bank heists, etc. You have 60 minutes to uncover hidden clues, crack codes, and solve puzzles to escape—delegating, thinking, learning. It’s a team effort and interesting to see where each person’s skillset fits. The first time we tried one, we didn’t get out, but it was still very cool.

IT Radix: How did this experience enhance your life?

Mike: It was something I had never done before. Honestly, anything I get to do with my family enhances my life.

As far as Mike is concerned, Escape Rooms are family affairs!

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First published in our January 2022 IT Radix Resource newsletter