Here at IT Radix, we’re no strangers to giving back. In fact, it’s one of our most important company core values! From our semiannual e‑waste recycling drives to food pantry collection events, to fundraising 5K runs that benefit causes like breast cancer research or our client, local not-for-profit agency JBWS. Another race we’ve been keeping our eye on… the race to 5G. You’ve probably heard the term, but the reality is that the race itself is far less important than what we reach at the finish line.

What 5G Wireless Internet Means for Your Business

So, what does achieving widespread 5G wireless internet coverage mean for you and your business? First and foremost, the primary selling point of 5G is the increased speeds, which are estimated to be at least ten times that of what 4G delivers! In today’s world of remote work, a boost like that can greatly improve efficiency and collaboration throughout your organization. Speeds of this caliber can ultimately lead to less dependency on Wi‑Fi networks and the ability to work productively from quite literally anywhere.

5G technology has big plans for the way we use our mobile devices and even bigger plans for the ever-growing innovation of “smart” versions of everyday items. We call this the Internet of Things, or IoT. Your Google Home or Amazon Echo? IoT. Thermostats, doorbells, security systems, even that fancy toothbrush you received for the holidays that shames you for insufficiently brushing? IoT devices, each one of them. 5G has been designed from the ground up to better handle this influx and will be integral in the innovation of future technologies.

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