We Make Sound Business Decisions

Every day, each of us at IT Radix are faced with making a host of decisions—some for internal purposes and some directly for clients.  While our approach to all decision making is built around our core values of “Clients First” and “WOW Service” …we include “Sound Business Decisions” on its own as another one of our Core Values.

Decision making can vary depending on the type of issue that arises.  We know that every business is unique, so we break out of the cookie-cutter approach to IT support by customizing our services to each and every one of our clients to meet their specific needs.  Sometimes Occam’s Razor axiom emphasizing simplicity makes sense, sometimes it does not.  When it does not, we start by identifying the client need or objective, brainstorming on alternate ways of attainment, and selecting the best solution for our client.  Often, an alternative is included.  But always, once any recommendation is implemented, we review the outcome and adjust as needed.

We pride ourselves in taking ownership of our decisions that are always in the best interest of our clients.

“I was told these words of wisdom a long time ago and they apply today… ‘When you know what values you hold dear, decision making is easy.’  That certainly is the way we do it at IT Radix.”
— Ken Toumey, one of our awesome IT Radix Team members

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First published in our October 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter