PII Security and Protection for You AND Your Clients

The personally identifiable information (PII) or data that an organization handles is not always the HR data of its own staff.  Sometimes it is information about your clients, your vendors, subcontractors and more.  Regardless of your business’ relationship to an individual, all PII of any kind needs to be protected and kept confidential.

IT Radix recommends regularly reviewing with your team the information it has and how it is handled and shared within or outside the organization.  Establish data classification standards and policies around handling data… and follow them!  Limit access to all information as much as possible.

Remember, like a book that’s been checked out of the library, the owner of the information is expecting their information to be returned on time and undamaged.

You can’t check out on security!  Contact us for help keeping your personal data AND your clients’ personal data safe online!

First published in our October 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter