Our IT Radix Team Members Love to Read!

Reading is not only enjoyable it’s also VERY good for you!  Mentally, it improves brain connectivity, slows dementia as you age, fights symptoms of depression, increases vocabulary and comprehension, and fosters empathy towards others.  Physically, reading also reduces stress, aids in sleep readiness, lowers blood pressure, and contributes to a longer life.

Thankfully, many of our IT Radix team are avid readers.

Laurie T enjoys relaxing with her iPad and learning something new.  She gravitates toward books on technology, psychology, crime stories and mental health.  Books riddled with psychological disorders are her favorite.  Patrick is a movie buff but prefers reading because he gets a better understanding of the characters.  His favorites are murder mysteries and science fiction.

Jim enjoys reading about ancient history.  It gives him an appreciation for the world we live in and how easy most of us have it.  He recently discovered audio books and has been listening to mostly science fiction like Stephen King.  Pat enjoys books on sports, mysteries, and sci‑fi.  He reflects how reading opens the world to new experiences, making him feel like he’s actually there.  Ken also feels that reading is a great mental transportation away from whatever is going on.  He prefers biographies and thrillers.

Cathy’s reading preference depends on WHY she’s reading.  She enjoys business and personal growth/management books as well as fiction where she leans toward mystery/detective stories.  She embraces all platforms—Kindle, iPad, audio, and paper.  Marybeth is a voracious reader, devouring anything she can get her hands on.  Put quite simply, reading makes her happy; and she enjoys a wide variety of genres:  literature, suspense, historical fiction, sci-fi, crime/mysteries, and fantasy.  She loves the light weight and portability of her Kindle Paperwhite.

Reading gives you room to exist and imagine beyond the reality you’re given.  Open a book today and grow your mind!  Learn more about all of our IT Radix team members here.

First published in our October 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter