IT Radix Promotes a Supportive and Flexible Work Environment

IT Radix believes in supporting a healthy work-life balance. That’s why we provide our employees with flexible working environments that meet both their business and personal needs. This win-win philosophy has proven to benefit our clients as well, as we strive to support their unique IT needs.

One of our core values is “Supportive and Flexible Work Environment.” It is in our nature to try to control our lives. But sometimes, things just happen—an accident, sickness, or sudden need to assist a friend. Untimely events can befall anyone. At a moment’s notice all of us have needed help when a challenge emerges. We are grateful that Cathy Coloff, our Managing Member, ensures that we live and respect this value.

We do so by finding ways to accommodate changes in plans for staff when a personal need arises. We also find ways to help each other as we assist clients. Each day, the tech team exhibits collegial behavior ensuring clients get the most professional attention. No one at IT Radix is alone on a tightrope; they have cheerleaders offering support on either end—and a stretchy net below to catch them if “something happens!”

“IT Radix has always been flexible, but a global pandemic made me even more grateful for this core value. I think having a flexible work environment helps improve work morale. It’s like a chain reaction. When employees are happy and respected, they in turn treat their clients with the same respect and happiness.”
— Melissa Barker, one of our awesome IT Radix Team members

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First published in our August 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter