Teamwork is Key at IT Radix

There is no “I” in team, but there is plenty of “Team” at IT Radix. In fact, “We Work as a Team” is one of our nine core values—the back of our business cards lists them all. “We Work as a Team” is placed smack dab in the middle reinforcing how central it is to our work processes—our “scheme” if you will—in helping clients achieve their goals.

IT Radix clients benefit greatly from this approach. It facilitates numerous staff members being able to assist them on a wide range of issues, not relying on just one person. Working together as a team has allowed IT Radix to enjoy high morale, fast resolution of client issues and the whole group becoming better educated and trained on all key issues we come across daily.

Teamwork Makes the “Scheme” Work

As Aristotle would say, “the whole of our team is greater than the sum of our parts” and echoes the T.E.A.M. acronym—Together, Everyone Achieves More. Put simply, we are “better together!” We reject the idea of the lone wolf or the single source of profound knowledge. We believe that teamwork makes the “scheme” work!

“I don’t think any company can be a success without teamwork. To quote Andrew Carnegie, ‘No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.’” — Robin Gilfillan, one of our awesome IT Radix Team members

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First published in our July 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter