Your Employees Are Your Weakest Link When It Comes to Protecting Your IT Security and Your Business

You certainly know your people better than we do. However, we know one thing about them that you might not… your employees are sadly your weakest link when it comes to protecting your business. They do not mean to be; most of them want to help and care tremendously about your organization meeting its goals. The point is that each member of your team plays an important role in protecting your key data and confidential information and keeping it out of the hands and eyes of the bad guys—the cybercriminals. These are the ones seeking to compromise your security to gain information that can allow them to sometimes take your business away…literally.

IT Radix Adds Layers of Security for Our Clients

IT Radix puts a host of advanced security layers in place for our clients. This reduces the risk of a breach, attack, or technology disaster. These applications are excellent. Since they are mass produced, each installation acts in the same way to protect the firm. Alternatively, every one of your staff is an individual and acts independently to accomplish the goals for their specific position. Your Office Manager acts differently from your top salesperson. And, the Office Manager at Firm A certainly acts differently from the one at Firm B. Let’s face it, technology is tame, it is people that are the wild cards.

Not only is the personality of each person unique, but they all have their own approaches to handling their workflow. Not one is the same as the other. But each role in an organization does have its unique characteristics. The cybercriminals know this, so they use different techniques as they attempt to thwart security layers and gain access to your network and its key information. People make mistakes; after all, they’re only human. Staff members, often inadvertently, provide the entryway for a cyberattack.

Take a Deeper Dive With Us

Over the next few months, we are taking a deeper dive and analyzing specific information technology risks common to several key organizational roles. We will be shining a spotlight on security risks common to specific corporate functions and outlining concrete recommendations on how to reduce these risks. Our goal is to help you take the “wild” out of the wild card and add the human layer to your already existing software and hardware layers of IT security.

Stay tuned next month as we kick off this series with a spotlight on your Sales Team and what they need to know to keep your corporate data safe and secure.

As always, the IT Radix team is here to assist in adding layers of security to protect you and your business. Contact us today!

First published in our July 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter