Drone Technology is More Popular Than Ever

Much like music, it’s hard to keep up with technology’s new releases and latest versions of existing hits. While drones are not new on technology’s “Top Ten” list, they have increased in popularity and use across several industries during the pandemic.

How Drones Where Used During the Pandemic

Companies like Amazon were granted permission by the U.S. government to start a drone delivery service. Likewise, some countries in Africa are using drones to deliver and pick up medical supplies to reduce transportation time and minimize infection and exposure risk. Several academic groups even used drone technology to conduct symptoms tracing, enabled by thermal imagery and artificial intelligence.

Technology has been a lifesaver for us during this pandemic providing ways to work remotely and even order groceries, supplies, and dinner online. Incredibly, technology continues to help the world in more ways than we realize!

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First published in our June 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter