WOW Service is the Essence of Our Approach to Every Client Interaction

We believe in world-class customer service. WOW, do we ever believe it! In fact, WOW Service is the essence of our approach to every client interaction. We define this level of service in two important ways:

The first is what you might expect; it is when our professional consultants do that special or extra thing that makes the client smile even happier when we address or resolve an issue. Sometimes it is about responsiveness, sometimes it is about comprehensiveness and sometimes it is just about being helpful, attentive and personable.

The second is where we believe the pinnacle of WOW Service exists…and that is in being consistent. Our staff strives to WOW our clients every day in every way. We approach every issue in a detailed and customer-focused way so that we are helping them achieve their goals using technology.

“WOW Service helps me make decisions throughout my workday as I try to give the very best support to our clients and my colleagues at IT Radix. Making the distinction between average and WOW Service is what keeps us growing and can help us stand out against anyone who isn’t putting in that extra bit of effort every day.”
— Thomas Smith, one of our awesome IT Radix Team members

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First published in our April 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter