E-signatures Have an Exceptional Level of Security

Collecting autographs is a fun hobby that has been around for a long time. Youngsters often start collecting sports or music hero autographs that can grow into a financially-rewarding passion if the signature is authentic and verified.

In today’s world where technology drives communication, the advent of electronic signatures (e‑signatures), rather than traditional or “wet” signatures, enables firms of all sizes to add an exceptional level of security to their operations to ensure authenticity of any approval or authorization. E‑signature software is easy to put in place, and we find that it is readily accepted by both clients and vendors.

E-signatures offer great benefits in security and safety that include:

  • Facilitating a purchase without unnecessary personal contact
  • Allowing sensitive documents to be shared with security strictures
  • Tracking the location (IP address) and progress of authorizations
  • Confirming receipt and review of key documents, providing acknowledgment to each party
  • Providing keys specific to each document allowing access to only specified individuals

These and other advantages are the reason why e‑signatures are gaining in popularity. These software applications guarantee that the person signing the document is not forging a signature…which can be horrifying to both a business as well as an autograph-collecting hobbyist!

If you’re interested in implementing an e-signature solution, contact IT Radix! We can help with that.

First published in our April 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter