Hobbies Rooted in Technology Can Turn Into Careers

Hobbies provide a mental escape from our everyday lives. Here are a few, rooted in technology, that are now big business with lots of jobs available.

Drone Operators: Flying a drone went from being a child’s activity a few years ago to a hobby for enthusiasts and now has become a way for businesses to deliver products. Indeed.com has loads of drone operator jobs available.

3D Printing: Hobbyists started making “cool and fun” stuff with the first 3D printers. Now they make everything: jewels, gifts and even medical devices.

Programming: Let’s not forget that the first programmers were tinkerers. Now, they are in demand for creating all sorts of things such as video games and artificial intelligence software.

Finally, back in 1995, a guy named Craig Newmark sent an email to a dozen people listing a couple of upcoming events. Today, Craigslist is estimated to be worth $3 billion!

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First published in our March 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter