This month we took a “cut” at relating IT to sewing (pun intentional). If you’ve ever tried sewing of any kind, you quickly realize that it is a skill that takes time to master. I can recall trying to sew a dress in high school and it being significantly more difficult than expected. Keep in mind, that I’d had no sewing training of any kind; so, this was a pretty lofty goal. Thankfully, a good family friend, who was an excellent seamstress, saved me from major fashion failure and hours of frustration with a sewing machine by guiding me through the process and correcting some of my sewing snafus.

Unlike sewing, I’ve been fortunate to have years of training in information technology (perhaps more years than I care to admit). I’ve come to realize that the basics that I learned in high school, college and at my first IT job have given me a solid foundation for advising and guiding folks through some of today’s technology mazes. We enjoy helping our clients select the right technology for their needs, getting it up and running and then ensuring it’s well maintained once it’s in place. And like my family friend, we guide our clients through the process and sometimes undo the snafus that their previous efforts have created.

So, while I may not be cut out for quilting, I’m really lucky to have discovered my passion for IT and to have the opportunity to continually develop my experience and knowledge in it every day. But as for sewing, I’m happy to stick to sewing buttons.

First published in our March 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter