Technology drives everything in today’s Fulfillment Operations. The rise of eCommerce and the “Amazon effect” have dramatically shifted customer habits and expectations. Customer demand for faster delivery places warehouses and fulfillment centers under immense pressure to improve accuracy and speed in order to satisfy their clients’ requirements. And so third-party fulfillment companies are continually implementing new technologies to streamline processes and improve the rate and efficiency of fulfillment.

Yet it can be hard to keep up with the dynamic rate of change in the fulfillment space. When all is going well, as the adage goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” To remain relevant, though, forward-looking fulfillment firms need to reinvent and transform themselves.

One of our clients has been in the fulfillment business for 19 years. They focus on turnkey fulfillment for B2B and B2C products, literature, samples, marketing and educational materials and more for organizations from the Fortune 500 to seasoned eCommerce retailers. They help companies meet their customers’ expectations for speed and no- to low-cost shipping, allowing them to focus on building their businesses.

When they first engaged us, they were interested in addressing some short-term issues like power outages and physical server failures. But they also recognized the degree which technology drives fulfillment operations; their longer-term needs included upgrading very old legacy servers and software. In addition to managing the costs associated with these upgrades, replacing legacy applications and systems with newer technologies requires compatibility with old systems and data formats that are still in use. Critical day-to-day operations must be maintained during the transition, requiring upfront analysis and careful planning.

The Right Technology Can Drive Your Fulfillment Operations Forward

With the help of IT Radix, our client was able to tackle their short-term objectives and move on to modernize their technology to drive efficiencies and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving world of fulfillment operations.

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