They say that stress brings out the worst in people. And the COVID-19 Pandemic certainly has been stressful for all of us. But thankfully, for several professionals at IT Radix, the stress did not bring out the worst in them… In fact, it fostered their personal tendencies and nurtured their creative side as they put their new-found spare time social distancing at home to some good use.

For example, Chuck Barry is one of our clients’ favorite professional technicians. He lives, loves, sleeps, eats, and breathes technology and innovation all the time! One of his typical favorite pastimes is to peruse all the top and trending technology blogs and podcasts to learn more about the latest and greatest news and innovations in software, hardware, applications, etc. One of his chief complaints has been that there is so much he wants to read from lots of sources and so little time. Well since Chuck has had so much more downtime on his hands, he’s all caught up. So caught up, he almost does not know what to do with himself.

Chuck catching up on some “light” tech reading!

Another illustration is from none other than our Managing Member, Cathy Coloff. Cathy has always been a techie but also enjoys finding a refuge for some peace and quiet at times. With a business to run and a husband, teenage son, cat and dog to look after, time for meditation and peace is normally hard to come by. Not so during the COVID-19 Pandemic for someone as driven as Cathy. No, she’s taking time during her off hours to completely update and remodel a small backyard platform into the ultimate backyard “She Shed” with all the comforts of home—a comfy sitting area, lighting and Wi-Fi—and surrounded by windows so that she can take in the beauty of her outdoor surroundings while relaxing and reading!

Cathy’s “She-Shed” is really coming along!

To round out our examples, we have Fred Carmo, one of the key members of our dispatch team. Fred is a devoted son whose mother lives in a separate apartment in the house that he owns. The good news is that working from home makes it easy for Fred to take care of her many needs. Often, he must arrange for a professional like a plumber to take care of something. But during the pandemic, Fred has been even more available to his mother. She even conned Fred into getting his hands dirty doing some outside work for her. Fred bought pavers and created a whole new patio area for his mother near her garden so that she could enjoy the fresh air. Such a good son…kudos to Fred!

Check out the beautiful garden Fred designed for his mother.

So, while we are certainly not through this pandemic and all its ramifications, we can always look to the good that the situation made possible. We hope these three examples peaked your interest and created some inspiration of your own.

Have you been doing something special during this time? We’d love to hear about it!

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