You have always enjoyed being a lawyer.  The ability to help people in their time of need, the intellectual challenges, the excitement of negotiation, the pride in growing your practice or client base are all wonderful.  You got into this work because you enjoy working with people, you are successful, you have a winning routine and team and then, BOOM! …a pandemic hits and everything about how you work changes.  “BOOM”…really means “ZOOM” (although there are numerous ways to do virtual meetings, not just Zoom.)

So, take a breath, not much really needs to change for you to adapt, but here is what you need to know to continue to be successful in a “socially distanced” world:

  • Update your technology core with a focus on speed and security.
    • Ensure your systems and devices are the latest and most secure
    • Consider leveraging the support of an outside IT resource because they can help you with:
      • Up-to-date hardware and software in your office and/or in the cloud
      • Anti-virus and other security software
      • Backup programs with solid retention protection
      • Compliance issues
      • Disaster recovery plan
      • And a whole lot more to protect you and to protect your clients
  • Add-ons to facilitate lawyering the socially distant way!
    • Conduct virtual meetings in the office and on the fly with your smartphone and/or tablet. Typically, using your tablet is preferred because the bigger screen facilitates your work.
    • Invest in a high-quality HD video camera/webcam as well as a wireless stereo headset which allows you to express yourself more freely in a virtual conference setting.
    • Choose the right virtual meeting software:
      • As mentioned, Zoom is not the only fish in the sea. There is also Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Cisco Webex and more.
      • Ensure whatever you choose is secure and offers encryption.
    • Your IT resource can offer a big assist here.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice.
    • The old adage about “practice thrice” is how you get to Carnegie Hall applies here. The virtual video environment is really the only change to how you are doing business and practicing with it is important.  Work with colleagues and assistants to work out all kinks, to ensure your comfort level with all of it (the delays, the muting, the screen sharing, the lack of really being in the room, etc.)

You’ve Got This!  Reach out to IT Radix…  We’re here to make IT work for you!