Employee Monitoring is Sometimes Necessary

On occasion, we are asked to assist in monitoring an employee’s computer usage. We always advise that this type of monitoring should not be done without a person’s permission. In fact, we encourage our clients to have and maintain IT policies that clearly document what is and what is not permitted on a company-owned computer and network before any issues occur. If your organization permits Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), a separate policy should also be created documenting what company business is permitted on non-company devices.

Not only should these policies be documented, but the policies should be shared with and acknowledged by the employee, often as part of an overall Employee Handbook. While we’re not employment attorneys, IT Radix can assist with the creation of these basic acceptable-use policies and other important IT security policies for review by your attorney. Having clear IT policies are often a sufficient deterrent and eliminate the need to spy from afar.

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First published in our June 2020 IT Radix Resource newsletter