Quick Tips:
(1) Bookmark websites accessed frequently to avoid scams from copycat websites.
(2) Implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) now.

Why: You do not want to share your credentials with anyone! Hackers put up websites that look almost exactly like real websites to fool you into getting that information.

For example, the website “officeppe dot com” shown in the image below takes you to a website that looks exactly like Microsoft’s website. In fact, every link on the page takes you to Microsoft except for the “Sign In” button. The “Sign In” button captures your Office 365 login credentials when you enter them on the subsequent sign in screens.

If you do not have multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled, the hackers can now access your entire Office 365 environment including SharePoint and OneDrive at will.

Additionally, since most websites use email to send you password reset links using the “I forgot my password” features, you can pretty much bet hackers are going to gain access to other accounts of yours as well. They have access to your email; from there, they’ll have fertile ground for getting all your data and other accounts.

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