Since the number of passwords has magnified exponentially, the problem of keeping track of them has also increased, causing nothing but eyestrain and headaches!

Well, we have a solution that goes far beyond taking two aspirins and an afternoon nap—an automated, cloud-based password manager that can be used by all your staff working onsite or remotely.  In addition to addressing security concerns for both you and your clients, password managers are a breeze to implement and offer a host of benefits:

  • Remembers passwords – Having difficulty remembering a zillion unique passwords for every login?  Let the password manager remember for you!
  • Creates strong passwords – Running out of ideas for your 8+ length, alpha-numeric, special character unique passwords?  Let the password manager create one for you!
  • Stores passwords – No more writing down passwords in a notebook that might be lost or found by someone else.  Let the password manager store them in a vault for you!
  • Enforces password changes – Tired of reminding staff it’s time to change their passwords and ensuring that they are actually changed?  Let the password manager set expiry dates for you!
  • Simplifies login process – Looking for a 1-click login solution?  Let the password manager remember your frequently used sites and login credentials!

Give your head and eyes a break and let the password manager do the work for you!

Contact IT Radix today and receive a free month of IT Radix’s Password Manager before this offer expires on May 31.

First published in our May 2020 IT Radix Resource newsletter