At this time of year—in newspapers, websites and blogs—there is often an article or two about the top trends for the coming year.  Number one on the list in the world of Information Technology is the concept of Co-Managed IT.  This means that more organizations of all sizes are not just focused on internal tunnel vision with respect to IT, but rather expanding their vision to include others…to get another perspective as well as a lot more assistance as they advance toward their goals.

Co-Managed IT Provides Many Positive Benefits

Organizations that have embraced the Co-Managed concept enjoy the best of both world views by partnering with an outsourced IT provider who works with their in-house IT department.  What it returns to the organization is a single, cohesive management solution to issues and opportunities that involve computer technology.  Plus, they enjoy numerous benefits:

  • 24/7 coverage enabling IT internal staff to enjoy nights and weekends
  • Scalability to adapt to busy seasons (related to business and IT initiatives)
  • External expertise as a backup when internal teams are ill equipped
  • Enhanced security, compliance and productivity with a proactive set of eyes always monitoring the networks
  • Great value (reduced HR costs and increased specialized IT competency)

Information Technology is a rapidly changing and complicated landscape where a Co-Managed IT arrangement can make a lot of sense.

Contact IT Radix and let’s join forces and discuss the many foreseen, positive benefits of Co-Managed IT.

First published in our January 2020 IT Radix Resource newsletter