Leaves are falling and Halloween is right around the corner. Eager pumpkin carvers are preparing orange masterpieces to decorate their porches, but did you know the jack-o’-lantern once served an entirely different purpose?

The ancient tradition of the jack-o’-lantern was once believed to ward off unwanted spirits, scaring off monsters that might otherwise go bump in the night. Interesting fact, what does it have to do with my IT?

This October, instead of a jack-o’-lantern, consider placing an enhanced network security solution like Open DNS on your company’s front porch to help protect your network from goblins. Open DNS scans network traffic for hidden or malicious content, blocking or intercepting unseen dangers that may have otherwise compromised a user’s information or machine!

Would you like to secure your network and carve out your own network jack-o’-lantern?

Contact IT Radix here, and let’s get carving!

First published in our October 2019 IT Radix Resource newsletter