Receiving referrals for IT Services is the ultimate client compliment. At IT Radix, we strive to exceed client expectations and we know we’ve succeeded when a client refers a colleague, friend or family to us. Giving IT Radix as a referral for IT Services is risk-free. We always offer a free assessment, listening first to your business needs and then offering potential solutions. Of course, we give back for the referral of our IT Services by donating to the referrer’s favorite charity.

Keeping It (IT Services that is) All in the Family

We support a good number of medical and dental practices in managing their IT requirements. One of them, an orthodontist, referred a pediatric dentistry practice to us. All referrals are gold, but this one was especially precious when you consider that one of the principals in the dental practice is the orthodontist’s wife. It’s a huge vote of confidence to be referred to another business that’s run by a close family member.

IT Services Help Safeguard Patient Privacy

One of the reasons the dental practice was re-evaluating their current IT services and support was uncertainty about the security of patient data. When we met with them to go through our usual assessment and discovery process, we asked a series of questions that, frankly, their current provider hadn’t bothered to ask. Through that process, we uncovered several issues that jeopardized the preservation of patient data privacy:

  • All their workstations were still running Windows 7
  • They had no hardware firewall
  • There was no basic anti-virus on the server, and even worse, anti-virus software was completely missing on some workstations
  • There was no security update or patch management process in place

Our client had us get upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on all workstations and to install an internet security firewall.  We also recommended implementing one of our IT Radix Management and Support Plans that includes managed anti-virus and anti-malware protection, as well as keeping their workstations current on all security updates and patches necessary to keep their patient data safe.

Referrals for IT Services from our clients are not only appreciated, but also give back. To read more about how IT Radix gives back, click here.