IT Consulting Assists In Making a Difference in People’s Lives and Communities

When we see how IT Consulting enables organizations to make a difference in the lives of others, it is immensely gratifying. One of our clients, a preeminent leadership organization for young people, offers programs that provide youngsters a chance to build courage, confidence and character. The organization has an unwavering commitment to their members. They act as guide and partner in developing skills in key areas that foster personal growth and the desire to make the world a better place. This client, the local arm of a global organization, services young people in 160 communities across northern New Jersey. Their activities stress teamwork, creative problem solving and making an impact in their communities–principles which IT Radix also places great value on.

More Than Just IT Consulting But Also Ongoing IT Support

Given the size of the organization, they needed not only IT Consulting but day-to-day IT support and hand-holding for all things technology. This includes not only their computer systems, but also their phone system, security system, point-of-sale system and more. They wanted a regular onsite presence in addition to responsive remote support. Happily, IT Radix partnered with this client to build the IT support structure they needed.

Protecting Those We Serve – Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery and Backup

The complexities of working within an organization that has global reach, and that handles data dealing with young people and families, mandated that their IT Consulting company have expertise in a variety of areas–cybersecurity, disaster recovery, data backup both locally and in the cloud, best practices for security, security awareness training and testing, email phishing testing and more. And because of their powerful legacy of civic action and flawless reputation, it was imperative that they partner with a firm who has a reputation for the highest levels of competency, service and professionalism. After an exhaustive search and evaluation of numerous providers, this merit-based organization chose IT Radix.

We started our work with them with a complete and detailed assessment of their current network architecture across seven locations with over 100 professional staff members. Within weeks of working with them, we identified and shared numerous recommendations on ways they can enhance the productivity of their staff and the efficiency of their Information Technology budget across hardware, software and support. Surprisingly, no one had educated this nonprofit about the wide-array of discounts available to them including Office 365. We first migrated their out-dated, in-house Exchange email system to the Office 365 platform. Subsequently, we’ve assisted in migrating them to a modern VoIP phone system with a combination of traditional desk phones, software-based phones on laptops and an app for use on cell phones. Additionally, it’s all integrated with their internal instant messaging via Microsoft Teams. The net result has been a higher productivity at a lower cost.

We are thrilled to have a nonprofit membership organization of this caliber as a client. We trust that our shared commitment to providing WOW service to our clients and supporting our communities will make for a long and mutually rewarding relationship!

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