Any organization that has set out to accomplish something is only as strong as the members of its team. As a rule, people have different strengths and weaknesses and empowering your team members to play to their strong suits will indelibly increase your operation’s impact.

For a moment, let’s pretend your organization is the Justice League in your industry. Your company’s vision and focus are provided by Superman and we can probably think of him as the CEO/President. Batman would fill the role of the creative thinker and problem solver, Wonder Woman would likely be the voice of reason and advocate for sound business decisions with her “Lasso of Truth,” and the Flash would be the one to call when efficiency is required.

While the individual members of IT Radix’s exemplary team have the potential to make an impact alone, together they are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to providing superior IT support and services.  The question becomes, how do you give your team’s key players a way to work together and play to their strengths while still allowing them the flexibility they need?

More and more, businesses are embracing the idea of a “virtual office” in one shape or form. One of the more flexible and affordable ways to accomplish this is using Microsoft Teams. And as an added bonus, if your organization is already using Office 365, Teams is available to you already.

Microsoft Teams allows you to leverage a chat-based workspace to bring your Batman and Wonder Woman together under one pane of glass in a way that’s easy to organize, easy to manage, and perhaps most importantly, easy to collaborate on innovative ideas.

By organizing key projects into a feature known as “Channels”, Teams effectively allows you to manage your projects and glean key insights. Let’s say your executive team is working on an initiative but needs some input on the practicality of how to execute. It might be time to add the Flash to that channel and get an idea on how to efficiently accomplish their goal or perhaps bring Wonder Woman on board for a sanity check.

The benefits don’t end with unlimited internal collaboration, however. Teams also offers the ability to interface with external vendors—aka, your clients. Have a project that needs your client’s approval at various stages? By creating a shared Teams space with your client, you can easily interface with them on an as-needed basis with a running thread, keeping all the conversations, ideas, and shared files in one place to keep the project rolling smoothly. Not only will this eliminate the need for superfluous meetings, productivity will increase as answers to questions become available on an as-needed basis, and road blocks that could have stalled a project become non-issues. But sometimes a meeting is needed, and an IM chat alone just isn’t enough. Teams also provides video conferencing and recording that integrates directly with Microsoft Streams and provides calendar integration.

Outfitting your key players with the tools they need for success, and top-notch customer solutions is no easy feat. Microsoft Teams provides a flexible, chat-focused organization tool with project-planning features, collaboration, and centralized security management under one pane of glass to help your team focus on what matters.

Have questions? IT Radix can help you take advantage of Microsoft Teams to provide WOW service to your employees and your clients. Connect with us here!

First published in our March 2019 IT Radix Resource newsletter