Realizing the potential of effective internal communications strategies through IT  Managed Services and Consulting

The technology industry continues to achieve phenomenal growth. That growth is part of the driving force behind how companies communicate today, not only with customers, but with employees. With more remote employees in the workforce and the need to communicate with staff around the globe, using technology to keep teams connected just makes sense. Companies are realizing that the employee experience is an integral part of their digital workplace transformation efforts and that IT managed services and consulting can greatly enhance the impact and success of those efforts.

One of our clients is in the business of advising leading companies on how to achieve their objective to effectively communicate with employees. Their clients come from a variety of industries and geographies, but all share a similar goal; to reach, engage and motivate their employees through effective internal communications.

Leveraging IT Consulting and Managed Services to improve internal support and overall IT planning

This client requires bench strength in technology, as it plays a critical role in achieving their, and their client’s, objectives. When the Chief Technical Officer’s right-hand person left the company, he decided it made more sense to outsource than to back fill the position. He understood that the importance of technology in communications strategy and planning would only continue to escalate, and he liked the idea of having a strong technical team to support him as his needs evolved.

Enter IT Radix. We began our work with basic projects like Office 365 migration and progressed to providing the day-to-day IT support required to keep their operations running seamlessly. And we recommend and implement projects to improve their existing technology infrastructure on an ongoing basis. We are excited to support this client in providing innovative solutions in internal communications to their clients.

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