That was the musical refrain in the movie theme song, “Ghostbusters,” written and performed by Ray Parker Jr. The lyrics pose the question when there’s “something strange in your neighborhood who you gonna call?” While we may not run into paranormal creatures invading Manhattan, many of us will likely run into a computer virus that needs to be removed as quickly as those ghosts. So, who YOU gonna call?

With the computer often the most essential tool in business today, every organization should stay in touch with professionals for technical support—either on an ongoing or as needed basis. Computer technology used today provides incredible user productivity but with that comes innumerable risks. Virus attacks are the most common of them. They come via email, via pop-up ads in your browser, when you put a flash drive into your USB port and even when you download needed business software applications. You might not notice “something strange” right away, but these viruses can make changes to your system—slowing it down or causing random shutdowns and startups or even keeping track of your keyboard activities and passing that information along to a hacker.

The best way to address this issue is to have a relationship in place with a professional IT services provider who ensures anti-virus software is active and updated on all computers and servers. Typically, a “managed IT services provider” like IT Radix also ensures that the client has a hardware firewall in place with all key security features enabled and much more!

Managed Services – Here are a host of benefits to such a relationship:

  • Cost Control – Facilitates budgeting.
  • Reduced Labor – Provides full-time value without full-time labor and training costs
  • Trained/Qualified Professionals – Addresses your network needs. Employ a variety of technical experts so that they can bring on the expert for the issue you are addressing. You may never need that specific expertise again; it makes sense to outsource it.
  • Efficiency Gains – Allows faster adoption of new technology.
  • Reduced Risk – Your IT provider should minimize your risks.
  • Business Focus – Your IT provider should allow you to focus on what you know and do best—run your business!

The most important thing that a business owner or manager can do in a managed services provider relationship is to allow their IT support partner to get to know them very well. Information technology is not a cookie-cutter type of business. With so many different types of computers, software applications and varying business needs for security and productivity, the best results will come when management allows the IT provider to get to know them very well and develop a mutually beneficial partnership. Then, your IT support partner can give you the hardware, software and support recommendations and consulting that you need. That is what we do at IT Radix.

As the song says, call a professional before strange things happen.

Feel free to call us anytime, even if it’s just for the reason given in the song that beat out “Ghostbusters” for Best Original Song at the 57th Annual Academy Awards which was “I Just Called to Say I Love You.” We love our clients and believe they love us too.

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First published in our October 2018 IT Radix Resource newsletter