The title of the board game, Sorry!, comes from the many ways in which a player can thwart the progress of another, while apologetically saying, “Sorry!” That may be all fun and games, but when it comes to businesses who don’t have an IT management and support plan in place, there’s only so much you can do to reactively fix a disaster. And, sometimes “Sorry” is all that can be said. “It’s a sad, sad situation,” concludes Elton John; and “sorry seems to be the hardest word.”

Such is the case a local business experienced recently. They came to us panic-stricken when their server crashed. They were legitimately concerned since there was critical company data stored on this server in a SQL database. To make matters worse, there was no backup drive connected. Their server was a significantly older piece of hardware still running Windows 2003 operating system (which is no longer supported by Microsoft). The truth of the matter is that hardware fails all the time (hardware actually has a shelf life). In the end, the only option they had was to keep their fingers crossed and bring the drive to a firm that specializes in recovering data from broken hardware.

If they were an IT Radix management and support client, this never would have happened!

We take a proactive approach to monitor AND maintain your network and computers to prevent problems before they happen. We keep an eye on the status and general health of your computer systems 24/7, each and every day. With our remote monitoring tools, we can detect and prevent the vast majority of potential IT issues—BEFORE they happen. The issue of running an old, unsupported operating system would already have been addressed, since we keep your network and computers current with the latest software updates, anti-virus and critical security patches. We don’t rely ONLY on automated tools. Every month, an experienced tech professional reviews your computers and network from soup-to-nuts—we call it Proactive Maintenance and it’s designed to supplement our state-of-the-art tools.

Key components of a healthy computer network are included in all our plans:

  • Reliable backup of all your critical business data—both a local image backup (easy to retrieve and recover) and a second data backup in the Cloud for added offsite protection
  • Backup monitoring and testing
  • Anti-virus software and updates
  • 24/7 alerting to potential issues

Our IT Radix Management and Support plans are Hands Down the best assurance to give you peace of mind. Stay out of Trouble and avoid getting a Headache! Stick with us and you won’t be Sorry! (Excuse all these board game references; we couldn’t resist!) But, in all seriousness, give IT Radix a call today and let us make IT work for you!

First published in our March 2018 IT Radix Resource newsletter