Security.  Security. Security.  Security is paramount in today’s world as all organizations become more and more dependent on technology to deliver products and services.  As a result, security needs to be simple and automatic—like putting on your seat belt when you get in the car.  Here’s one of the most important tactics you can employ to enhance your organization’s security:  go medieval and create multiple layers of defense around your organization.

Your business is your castle; and like a medieval castle, you should design your security carefully with a series of defenses to protect it.  At IT Radix, we usually recommend starting from the outside—where your computer network touches the Internet.  But with the advent of cloud-based solutions, we often find additional considerations are required to protect resources that are no longer within your immediate “castle walls.”

First, focus on your local network and ensure it includes technology such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, URL/DNS checking, advanced threat protection software on all machines as well as traditional security patching and monitoring.  Our managed service clients enjoy most or all of these protections.  We’re constantly reviewing to ensure our clients have the best of breed.  Ready for a review of your security layers?  Give us a call today.

First published in our January 2018 IT Radix Resource newsletter