IT Radix recently on boarded a new client that does a lot of work with New Jersey homeowners—helping them take advantage of all that the state offers in terms of energy conservation strategies and measures.  Their work necessitates a lot of technology with large amounts of storage of detailed schematics and numerous photographic files.  The client partnered with us because they were wondering about all their technology…wondering “Why doesn’t this stuff work?”  They realized that the reason things weren’t working was their IT company was simply not up to the task.

We hate to boast, but they love us.  Although, we must admit the bar was very low because of their previous outsourced IT support.  On our very first call with them, we helped them ensure a printer/scanner/fax machine could be used by the entire staff.  Our tech solved the problem within a half hour.  The previous IT company had been there for an extended period and were ultimately unable to solve the problem.

Since that time, we have set up a backup of their key server—a backup did not exist previously, can you believe it?  And, we enhanced their security position in a number of ways as well.  We look forward to a very positive relationship with this new client and ensuring that “all their stuff just works!” Give us a call today to find out more!