Our newest client, who outsourced its entire IT management to IT Radix, has been going through a lot of changes.  The New Jersey based specialty distributor of raw materials, chemicals, packaging and equipment was selling off a subsidiary.  They came to IT Radix because they needed a lot of help sorting out a variety of technical issues.  Some the issues were unknown, even to the client, and included items such as the fact that the subsidiary technically and legally owned the rights to the organization’s domain, the license for the main software application used by both entities, as well as some key pieces of network hardware.

We discovered this when we began to assist them in upgrading hardware.  We helped their administrative and financial people resolve these details as they separated the two companies.  Once all the details were settled, we helped them build their own new computer network with updated technology including servers, firewalls, remote access, enhanced security, and more.  And from this point forward, our client is set and sleeping well at night, knowing that IT Radix is on the case with ongoing and pro-active IT management and support that includes two separate backups, anti-virus, real time URL checking and a whole lot more.  We look forward to many years of keeping the IT infrastructure together.

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