High school students need to keep up with their studies in order to pass their exams and move on to the next grade and ultimately graduate.  Parents, teachers, principals and school administrators all provide support and encouragement to assist students to stay ahead and move ahead.

But sometimes those in charge of the high school need their own encouragement!  In this case, we are talking about one of our newest clients, a local private high school with an outstanding reputation, which unfortunately had not kept up with its technology systems.  They came to IT Radix because they found that some of their operating systems were no longer supported by the manufacturer, their internal Wi‑Fi network could not provide enough capacity for their students’ growing reliance on wireless devices.  Finally, there were many security issues that needed to be addressed.

Like a good academic or guidance counselor, IT Radix came on board and gave the new client:  a full exam of their entire network including servers, an update status of all equipment, a review of backup, etc.  We then provided a recommendation in priority order of all key items that needed to be addressed to facilitate the school’s success going forward.  We look forward to many good grades with this client for many terms to come!

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