You and your partner have just purchased an existing business. The business is profitable and has huge potential, the client retention expected is strong, the market is good, the office is great, the staff are all professionals. Everything is fantastic. Then you dig just a little into the existing IT infrastructure a bit more and you find out: a) you have no backup, b) your anti-virus is out of date, c) your operating systems have not been updated in many months, d) your network setup is not optimized for your growth plans, and e) you are vulnerable to numerous risks inside and outside your organization. What do you do?

Well, smart business managers reach out to IT Radix and engage us to be their outsourced IT department. With IT Radix on the case, all these issues and more are addressed. Such was the decision recently made by our newest clients, an Essex County based CPA firm. IT Radix competed successfully against three other IT firms and were chosen due to our professional approach, attention to detail, value and ability to communicate and deliver recommendations and solutions based on business needs and resources.

We anticipate a long relationship with this growing firm and wish them the best. We are dedicated to their success and hope to be delivering them our “WOW” service for many tax seasons to come!

We want to develop a long relationship with your company; call us today and learn more about what we can do.