Be prepared…we all know this as the Boy Scout motto.  And candidly it could also be a motto or refrain you would hear from the many professionals at IT Radix.  We take our work with our clients very seriously and want to enable our clients to work regardless of any kind of small nuisance or large disaster that could affect their technology, their data, their location or their staff.

We recently welcomed a new client to our growing fold of smart New Jersey organizations aligned with IT Radix.  This organization believes in being prepared and brought us in specifically for that reason.  Historically, they had a part-time, in-house IT resource, who assisted users with desktop issues and did some modest updating of equipment.  When that part-time staff member found another opportunity elsewhere, they reached out to IT Radix and a few other firms to fill the need.  They interviewed each firm extensively and ultimately, chose IT Radix.  While IT Radix was not the least expensive contender, our client felt we were the best suited to partner with to help them fulfill their mission.  We couldn’t be prouder.  We look forward to developing a strong and lasting partnership to help this organization succeed and grow.