A leading software application developer organization focused on the healthcare market has aligned with IT Radix because we offered them ways to increase their productivity, lower their costs, and provided a platform for easily scalable growth.  This forward-thinking firm delivers healthcare technology applications to its clients that make it easier for them to engage, connect and communicate with their clients.

They reached out to IT Radix, because their internal systems were making it difficult for them to do just that among themselves.  Operating primarily virtually, all their users worked remotely and wanted highly mobile-friendly solutions.  We have put in place a system for them to take key data from three separate tech platforms and secure it in a single platform that they can easily store and share all their data in one cloud solution.  Additionally, our solution facilitates their need for HIPPA compliance along with key features such as version control, check in/out access, etc.  Also, all their users now share the same operating system platform for key data use and rely on us for user support.  Our solution has taken them away from a premise-based approach and put it all in the cloud—in a remote, but highly controlled environment.  They could not be happier, nor could we.   It is a pleasure to help such an organization to grow and prosper.