We are very proud to be working with one of our newest clients.  We feel that way for a host of reasons, but the main one is that this company is a New Jersey success story—a family business that traces its roots back three generations.  The firm was started by an immigrant couple selling their unique food products door to door in Hoboken and Jersey City.  It has grown to be a powerhouse manufacturer of private-label food products for many regional and national retail chains throughout the United States.  One of the reasons for their success was their highly efficient manufacturing process driven by computer technology on the factory floor.  Their commitment to their customers resulted in their staying ahead of all technology improvements in manufacturing processes.

Unfortunately, keeping up with technology within the back-office environment was not of paramount importance this company.  So, when they came to us, they knew they needed help.  Almost immediately we assisted them by providing them a resource that could provide them 10+ times the Internet/broadband access they had before at less than half the cost.  We also identified hardware in their environment to be removed as its existence introduced undesirable security risks to their business.  We found that they were not prepared for a disaster as their backup did not include key data and applications, and the backup did not run automatically.  Ultimately, we installed new, updated server and PC hardware that enabled the office team to be much more productive and secure.  And while that might seem easy, it was done with a great deal of research on our part because everything new that we were installing was required to work with a 35-year-old custom built software application that they use to manage the business.  The application was created by the founder of the company who, at 85 years old, is still actively involved in the business.

Now, with the counsel and advice of IT Radix, this proud company continues to grow and prosper …and the office staff is “keeping up” with technology just like the manufacturing side of the business.