Maintaining a healthy business environment is an important part of running a successful company.  Your environment affects every part of your business, so it’s important to maintain a healthy space.

But your environment doesn’t stop at your office doors; and as business leaders, it is our responsibility to be mindful of the environment outside of our offices, too.  The good news is, you don’t have to wait until Earth Day to decide to reduce your carbon footprint.  Making a positive impact on the earth around us can be a daunting task, and while it may seem difficult at first, it can be a profitable investment for your company.

You can position your company to go green, and save money by taking advantage of a technology that has been revolutionizing IT for years:  Virtualization!  By implementing virtual technology, your IT environment becomes more efficient and more reliable—all while reducing the physical hardware in your network.  Think of it like turning your network into a zoo, but this zoo helps keep the world we live in cleaner and helps keep you in control of your business.

Minimizing your physical hardware and running your servers on one device allows you to reduce your network’s points of failure and can prevent unnecessary downtime.  By implementing a central machine to host your servers, you gain the ability to separate your line-of-business applications, your remote working environments, and your other resources.  Doing this will increase performance for you and your users leading to a less stressful and more productive work day.  All while cutting down the cost of expensive hardware purchases and potential replacements down the line.

Not only does reducing your physical hardware create a more productive environment, it also allows you to cut down on your energy consumption.  Servers tend to be energy guzzlers, and in this case, less is more.  That means more room to save, and more funds to re-invest in growing your business.

Saving where you can, running a more efficient business, and providing a happier work place for you and your employees are all part of making sound business decisions!  And while making the right decisions for our companies and livelihood is important, playing our part in keeping the environment healthy for our community and setting the precedent for the people around us creates a responsible culture that keeps our planet green.

Ask us today how you can implement virtual technology to help your business reach its full potential—all while staying kind to the earth we live on.

First published in our April 2017 IT Radix Resource newsletter