Other than when playing the board game, managing “risk” is never a game.  Our newest client manages risk as its core competency.  They are in the business of high powered insurance products and services, and work full time at minimizing risk for their clients.  They reached out to IT Radix because they needed to be sure they were applying that same level of care, focus and risk management to their in-house information technology.

With almost everything in the cloud, this client had taken on the point of view that their in-house network architecture was not of paramount importance as it relates to security and risk of outside interference or hacking.  So, for quite some time, they relied on an old friend, a sole proprietor IT resource, to help them with in-house technology and user support issues.  During our first engagement with this firm, we immediately recognized that their infrastructure included network hardware that was end-of-life and thus a significant risk to them, their business and their clients.  Additionally, we identified that they are using some very outdated applications including their accounting package—which is hindering their productivity.  Finally, their internal Wi-Fi network access is very poor; and for improved security, they need to isolate their guest network entirely from their internal network.

When we shared our assessment with our new client, it was clear that they were not comfortable with the risks inherent in their infrastructure.  They requested we implement our remediation recommendations immediately.  Managing IT and business risk is not a game; it is an ongoing piece of managing an organization today.  IT Radix is proud to help our clients manage their IT risk every day.