Did you ever buy a new CD and bring it home to play it on your old record turntable?  Did you ever try to retrieve your voicemail from a rotary phone?  Did you ever try to turn the channel on your TV by using your adding machine?  Of course not!

Well, one of our newest clients did something like that… before they came to us they decided to install the latest version of their key accounting software on their local server.  When they attempted to do so, they were shocked to find out that the software would not install on their server because their server ran an operating system that Microsoft no longer supported.

They were at a crossroads so they came to IT Radix to get some strategic counseling advice on what to do next—get a new local server or go to the cloud.  We did a lot of listening to learn more about their business goals and strategies going forward.  Since they are a privately held global company with a heritage of nearly 100 years with special expertise in designing, building and selling world-class precision grinding tools, we wanted to provide them with world class recommendations.  After much strategic and financial analysis, we partnered with them to implement a new in-house server, rather than going to the cloud, that included our Keystone IT Management and Support program to protect, secure, and backup their core network hardware.