To shut down or not to shut down?  That is the question.  Honestly, there are a wide variety of opinions out there on whether sleeping, hibernating, or shutting down is the best practice.

The correct answer depends on the equipment type (desktop, laptop, tablet) and the environment (managed services in work environment, home use, travel, etc.).  We get a lot of calls from users with tablets and laptops that have quirky issues from trying to wake up from sleep or hibernate.  Most of the time, a reboot will resolve the issue.

A general rule of thumb is… if you are an IT Radix Management and Support client and your data is not stored locally, we recommend turning your computer off at least once a week to allow scheduled security patches that require a reboot to update be applied.  However, if you have data stored locally and are running daily backups, we recommend leaving your computer on all the time and getting into the habit of rebooting your computer before starting work on Monday morning to update drivers and allow security patches to be applied.

First published in our January 2017 IT Radix Resource newsletter