Asked one of our new clients.  This firm operates in a unique niche in the audio publishing industry.  They rely heavily on computers, networks and the Internet for going about its daily business—communicating with vendors and clients.   In fact, it would be 100% true to say that their business as currently set up would not be able to operate without the Internet and a powerful internal computer network.

But like a lot of companies in the northern NJ area that started small and have grown dramatically over the last ten years or so, their computer network was largely home grown.  One of the original employees of the organization was tasked with learning and doing to set things up and make things work as they grew.  One night, recently, the business owner was working late, no one else was in the office and he started to see lots of lights blinking on some of his network hardware and he wondered what was going on.  It seemed odd and he started to think about all those horror stories he had read about cyber criminals and data networks being attacked from outside.  He wanted to be sure that it did not happen to his business and his clients.

It occurred to him that his business had grown to a point where he really needed a much more professional analysis of his network, especially as it related to cyber security and data protection.  That is when he decided to engage IT Radix and have our professional technical consultants do a complete and thorough review of his computer networks including how he shares key information and files internally and externally with clients.   Taking that action was a smart move because we identified a number of issues that needed to be addressed quickly!