image-security-pay-attentionQuick Tip: Pay attention.

Too many of us are busy and moving quickly throughout the day online. We encourage you to pay attention to protect yourself and your information.

Own Your Online Presence – Set an organizational standard for the privacy and security settings in your browsers to ensure an appropriate level of information sharing when browsing. Check your settings at home as well.

Personal and Business Information is Like Money. Protect It. – Believe it or not, information about your purchasing history and location has value (just like money). Think about who is getting that information and how it’s collected by apps and websites. In particular, be careful with banking and credit card information when conducting business transactions.

Keep a Clean Machine – Keep all software on ALL your Internet-connected devices – this includes PCs, smartphones and tablets – up to date to reduce your risks of compromise.

Get 2-Steps Ahead – Many accounts these days support two-step authentication. Turn it on! There are many different methods of two-factor authentication such as a text message to your phone to a biometric like your fingerprint. Enabling two-factor authentication can enhance your account security and prevent fraud.

Do you need help with any of these? Give us a call today to get started.

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