image-are-you-vulnerableMost likely the answer to that question is “No!”

Typically, none of us like that feeling of unease, of not being protected or possibly hurt in some way by another. So, to reduce that risk, we all do things to protect ourselves in active and passive ways whether in private or in public.

Do you know if your organization’s computer network is vulnerable?

Likely the answer to that question is “No” as well. But there are ways to reduce that risk. A first step is ask us to test your network with an external vulnerability scan. Such assessments are key components of any organization’s security and compliance program in today’s business climate.

With more and more devices now attached to a network, it’s important to test and verify. An external vulnerability scan uses a sophisticated computer program to look for holes in your network firewall or other outward/Internet facing hardware. It searches for these holes because these are the entry points where outsiders may try to break in and attack or steal from your network or if they can potentially pass through to your clients and vendors.

IT Radix recommends a simple external vulnerability scan be done on your network at least once yearly. Why? Most cyber liability insurers and many smart business managers are including an external vulnerability scan into their security and compliance practices. Doing this scan will help you confidently answer your clients and vendors when they ask if your network is protected from outside threats.

Call us today to request your external vulnerability scan or to simply answer any questions you may have.

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